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One of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey, Türkbükü is 20 km away from the Bodrum centre. Standing out with its tangerine gardens, deep blue sea, long beaches and entertainment venues, this beautiful holiday destination fascinates its visitors. Caja by Maxx Royal is located only 2 km to Türkbükü.


One of the first destinations that comes to mind when summer vacation is mentioned, Bodrum is among the most special corners in the Aegean. Bodrum, which has hosted many civilizations throughout the history, is one of the most important touristic spots in the world. It offers an unforgettable experience with its magnificent natural beauties, blue flag beaches, white houses, lush green forests, the picturesque Bodrum Castle and many historical assets for both sea holiday and cultural tourism.

Standing out with significant historical assets like Mausoleum at Halicarnassus which is among the seven wonders of the world, the holiday destination is a source of inspiration for many famous artists at the same time… One of the Bodrum lovers, the Fisherman of Halicarnassus shows his love for Bodrum with these words: ‘’When you reach the top of the hill, you’ll se Bodrum. Don’t assume that you’ll leave as you came. The others before you were the same too. As they departed, they all left their souls behind.’’

Bodrum stands out with many spots that appeal to every zest from world-renowned restaurants to marinas and entertainment venues. Located 45 km to Bodrum/Milas Airport and 22 km to the Bodrum centre, Caja by Maxx Royal awaits you for unique experiences at a point where blue and grean come together perfectly.

Hebil Koyu

Hebil Bay, which is just behind Türkbükü on the Bodrum peninsula, welcomes its visitors with beautiful views in all four seasons at a point where lush nature meets crystal-clear waters. An exclusive living space where nature embraces the luxury in Hebil Bay, one of the most special spots in Bodrum, Caja by Maxx Royal stands out with its location at the seafront 2 km away from Türkbükü.